Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lions, Tigers and London OH MY!

World Travel I am on my way and nothing says London like fish and chips. I know it looks absoultly disgusting however I did manage to eat most of it. (the frys were a little bit to much!) Don't worry it was super cheap and only costed 2.90 If there wasn't so much fat in it I would have eaten there everyday...that and they weren't very nice to us!! However the story goes on and I will start from the beginning. We left for London at 10 pm for an all nighter through Luxemburg, France and a couple other countries I can now say I've been too. Through my attempts to sleep and random snacks of gummy bears we finally arrived at the boarded before allowing us to load the ferry every one of has to leave the bus and show id(what I thought would be easier then coming to Germany) MISTAKE I showed them my pretty American passport and they began to question me like there was no tomorrow. Now it doesn't help that it was past 3 in the morning and I was tired and even when I am thinking straight I can barley talk in english so here I am with an American passport struggling to answer in ENGLISH. You would think it would be easy to answer: why are you coming here? but then they started with so your an exchange student living in germany coming to britian? So you can speak german too? and I just got all tangled up. Stinkin mind games.
Right outside the station

Skip ahead we started our adventure through London by riding the Underground.
Our days were filled with LOADS of free time allowing us to do what we wanted whenever we wanted. Siteseeing shopping and the top of my list taking lots of pictures. One of my most memerable moments was in the Globe theater yes Shakespears where I got to read part of Julius Caesar. For everyone else it was just another language excersice ,but for me the nerd I am it was my favorite Shakespear play coming to life. I can't describe how cool it was to know that hundreds of years ago only men would have stood in the genral area of where I stood and read those same lines. Plus I knew the characters and what was going on and the others didn't that helps!
Blick  of the London Bridge

Above you can see a picture of me with platform 9 and 3/4 I justz want to say that I have never worked to so hard just to take a picture we were wondering around like idiots untill someone asked us "Harry Potter?" We said "yes!?" and he said " You need to go out of the gate and take a left." in a perfect british accent okay they all had british accent, but try to visulise.Finally after a good two hours of trian riding we ended up at a half cut shoping cart stucking a a wall next to a bookstore...lame. However, the pictures look good. Off the Hogwarts.
I think I could write for hours about my week and London but I will just leave it with all this. I didn't sleep, eat vegtables, and you can't get good Döner in London. The people can be really rude or really nice it just depends on who you meet. I loved the people who were fancinated that I knew german or would tell me there stories of being in the states.
Update.only 5 weeks left....

Part of my host family on mothers day "staying cool!"