Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Coming together or auf Deutsch Zusammenkommen:)

I can unofficially officially say yesterday was my last day in an American school! I am still waiting on graduation confirmation for Dr.Heasel. I went to work today bright and early at 9:30 today; which shouldn't have felt early. So much has got to get done before I go. I got my OFFICIAL ACCEPTANCE from AFS-Germany when I returned home from work today.

Hi Amy,
Congratulations! AFS-Germany has just accepted your application!  

I am working so hard to make sure I get everything done before I leave. The puzzel pieces are just coming together. I will never be fully prepared for what I am getting into untill I get there. Once I get off my plane I will go to a three day orentation about the coulture that also gives us (the students) a chance to connect with people all across the world. It also will teach us one more time what we can and cannot do, how to deal with home sickness, and advice on how to enter into a whole new world.

I am starting my connection to Germany by labeling everything in my house in German. If anyone has anyother ideas I would love to hear them. I would also love to hear from you. Hope everyones summer is amazing:) viel Gluck und viel Spass.