Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another Fat Student...

6 months down and 4 more to go let the countdown begin...I come home in 17 weeks.
I never thought I would get a chance to say that I lived in Germany for a year. Sometimes when I'm walking somewhere I have to stop and think to remind myself its not a dream I am really here. Everyday is  like a dream you go through it learning something new or meeting new people and you relise thats why I am here. I left my family for 10 months because I am just that cool and because I love people (theres no better way to met people then being an exchange student!!)
Anyway speaking of getting fat I havn't even bothered to find out how much weight I have gained the last few weeks. I have taken on a new moto: if its food and you've never eaten it then you have to try it. I am only here once.
I get lost/am late alot. Its kinda a problem. I try super hard to wake up earlier ,but no matter how early early is I am still late. With getting lost its tend to only happen when I try and do something alone. EXAMPLE:
Coming home from my midstay studien fahrt everything was going quite nicly untill I saw that I could in theroy take a different train sooner that goes faster helping me in my journey home.  NOT THAT SIMPLE! So in Germany there are diffrerent trains there are yellow trains, white/gray trains, and red trains! Now with a Rhienland-Pflaz ticket you are only allowed to ride in the pretty red trains. Not knowing this because a train is a train to me Amy gets into a pretty Gray (ICE) train; then I couldn't find a place to sit showing them my ticket they informed me that I was not allowed to be in this train and at the next train station I needed to get out. This is were the panic set in as I am standing who knows where trying to figure out how on earth I am going to get home. So I look and I see hey I can take a train to Merzig and from there to Trier! NOT THAT EASY! Because somehow the fast train was not so fast and I missed the train that I was supposed to take. So now I have about an hour to stand there and wonder why do these things always happen to me. As I am standing there I notice my train doesn't arrive on time 15 minutes later it shows up and decides to slowly make its way to Trier HBF. Endlessly I arrived home after 6 hours of standing places and sitting in the wrong train!
Life Lesson:
Things are not always what they seem and the Deutsche Bahn hates me.
However, now I know that the gray trains are for people who want to speand more money. Plus I didn't have to pay the 60 euros you normally have to pay for being in a train without a ticket.